24 February 2011

"Finny's Florets" by Liz

Liz Selkirk, a new member of our family of Tasmanian Tanglers, attended an "Introduction to Zentangle" class (we call them 'playshops') just over 10 days ago.  Her first Zentangle, created at that class, is included here for your enjoyment. Isn't it beautiful!?

© Liz Selkirk, February 2011
That evening, after class, Liz was already drawing the night away – completely captivated by tangling.  She has already produced (in under two weeks!) many lovely Zentangles and ZIA.*  Liz has even invented a new tangle of her own (yes, already!). And – a real treat – she has given me permission to unveil it here on Dreamscribe Designs.  So, without further ado...

In this tiny piece of ZIA (approx 3 x 6 cm, or roughly 1¼ x 2⅜ inches) you can see the first appearance of Liz's new tangle (top right corner!) –  

Finny's Florets

Here is a close-up view from that same piece
Finny's Florets is in the top right corner. (Click to enlarge.)

Finny's Florets, step-by-step

Drawn by Liz Selkirk. (Click on image to enlarge.)

An example of Finny's Florets — in one of Liz's Zentangles.
Here are some other examples of Liz's use of this tangle in Zentangles and ZIA. Check out the beautiful, tiny monograms she created for the covers of photo albums (in which to store Zentangle tiles, of course!).  What a wonderful start to tangling – her very own tangle. 

Sandra Strait (who had a sneak preview when I was planning this post) says it best:  

"...it’s a killer combination, pleasing to the eye, and I know people will love it.  If [Liz] does up the steps, I hope she’ll post it in Freehand Doodle patterns!"  

...and we will, Sandra!

Congratulations, Liz!

You're off to a great start
in the wonderful world of

I know Liz would love to receive
comments and feedback 
about Finny's Florets
 from the Zentangle community. 

So, please post your comments,
and I will make sure they
are all passed on to Liz.

Thank you!

(Click on any of the images for a larger view.)

[My thanks to Sandra, for your invaluable assistance in publishing Liz's new tangle.]

*ZIA = Zentangle inspired art


  1. Yay! Liz shared her design. I've been hoping she would.

  2. Wow.. love Liz's new tangle design.. can hardly wait to try it.. love all her tangles.. just lovely..

  3. looks like Liz was born to tangle! Hope she will get her own blog so we can see where this takes her!

  4. Delightful Liz, so dainty and delicate, it reminds me of Laura Ashley fabric.

  5. I love this because I'm always looking for another" little something else" to put in some where and this is perfect..beautiful job!

  6. Awww, thanks for putting this up, Kit, and thanks so much for the kind words, ladies :) I have definitely caught the bug and just find it so satisfying to create little pieces of art, as well as so very relaxing. This pattern's named after my 2yo son, Finlay (or Finny, as he gets called), so I hope he likes it too, when he's old enough to understand :) x

  7. I really love that ZT tile: it says to me "the Goddess spreads her arms in Welcome"

    I like the tangle, too. Keep tanglin' Liz!

  8. Welcome, Liz! Your tiles are beautiful! Thanks for sharing a new tangle.

  9. Thanks to both of you in sharing the design. I love the delicate feel of it. I seem to be drawn-no lun here- to light airy designs myself.Congrats on your first one!

  10. This is great, Kit. Thanks for posting this and thanks to Liz for sharing her pattern and lovely work!

  11. Liz ~ these are wonderful! I love the new tangle too! Thanks Kit for posting for all of us to see.

  12. Gosh – she´s so gifted!!! Please tell her I love all her ZTs and her tangle is just awesome. I hope she will start a blog to show her work to us in the future…

  13. Will do, Phine! (And I hope she will, too.)

  14. Wow, thanks lovelies :) Must say, it's very uplifting to read all these comments. I set up a blog 2 yrs ago and it has a sum total of 3 entries...I think that speaks volumes about my blogging discipline :P x

  15. I love Finny's Florets, especially since I was called Finny when I was young (and sometimes even now).
    Barbara Finwall
    P.S. Love the rest of your tangles, also. Welcome to the addiction!

  16. Oh, very pretty!! Definitely saving this one. Nice work, Liz, and thanks for posting it Kit. Thanks, too, for adding another link to it from your Tuesday Tanglers gallery/post.


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