Tuesday Tanglers

One of my favourite descriptions of beautiful Tasmania, is that it's  

A world apart, not a world away!  

It's true – we really are a world apart down here. I feel so privileged to have found myself living in this beautiful place. It often seems a world apart from much of the strife and struggle that we see daily in the newspapers.

At the bottom of the street, where the Tuesday Tanglers meet!
And Tasmanian Tanglers... well, we're a special breed!

Please note that Tuesday Tanglers isn't currently happening.
We'll be back in a different form soon.
Watch this space!

Every Tuesday afternoon, a little group of tanglers gets together here in the south of Tasmania, to tangle away the afternoon at a local café.

I feel a little alliteration coming on... because, at Tuesday Tanglers, it's all about
  • friends and family
  • food (fabulous cakes)
  • finding the flow
  • feeling good
  • found delights (our latest tangle finds & creations)
  • freedom just to "be" our wonderful selves
  • and, of course, fantastic tangly fun!  
And, do you know the "Motto" of Tasmania?  It's "Ubertas et Fidelitas" — which means "Fertility and Faithfulness" (okay... I'll stop alliterating now [grin]).

This is how it works:

We snaffle a table around 3.00 pm and usually start packing up around 6.30 or 7.00 pm (when the café dims its lights for the dinner crowd).  There's no RSVP required. People come and go throughout the afternoon, at any time that suits them. It's totally relaxed, informal (and free – though you can buy coffee and cake from the café, of course!).

If you would like to join us, send me an email and I'll send you the details.  We would love to have you visit with us! I'm kit[at]dreamscribedesigns[dot]com[dot]au

Also, check out this post, to see some of the tangly awesomeness that is Tuesday Tangling.*

* If you are a Tuesday Tangler, and would like a piece of your tangle art included in the line up, email me – because I'd love to add it in! Also, as some of these photographs were taken last year (and I have a shocking memory) some of them have been captioned Mystery TasTangler. If any of these are your artwork (or you know who did them), email me and I'll update the caption!

As I write this, there are currently seven CZTs§ in Australia... so I can go so far as to say that more than half of all Australian CZTs are Tasmanian! This is a magical little Island State of tangly goodness!!

§ Certified Zentangle Teacher