10 February 2011

Canada to Australia... sharing, caring!

A quick post today, just to share my delight!  

I was excited to see a tangled envelope arrive in today's post.  Even more excited to see that it had come all the way from Canada... from Laura!  Here is a photograph of the absolutely stunning tangled card she sent me (and there, in the background, you can see the view from my balcony).

(Click photo to enlarge.)
While I'm here - I'll quickly give you some links to a few more very special posts that I have been meaning to share:
  • Yet more wonderful tangle Pencasts from Melissa (Lone Creature) arrived yesterday! It's a real treat to be able to see (online) the tangles, as they emerge from her pen. (If you haven't yet seen these unique online tangle demonstrations, go check them out!  And peruse the rest of her blog while you're there.)
  • There was a most beautiful and inspiring post today called Open Hearts from stART, which seemed to me to fit perfectly with this next—
  • Gorgeous tangleZENtangle calligraphy by Alphabee Tangles (as a fellow calligrapher, I'm naturally drawn [pun intended] to tangled lettering!) and, since Catherine reminded me of the 'peace' theme—
  • A gorgeous 'peace of art' from Carole Ohl who, as it happens, is also the author of one of my fave posts entitled—
  • More Than a Metaphor – which includes the beautiful idea that "It's as if each stroke is a pathway to NOW."
Live in the Moment. Be Here Now!
Happy Tangling,
My own little 'peace of art' – published last year in the book
WordsWork : Calligraphy and Lettering Art of Australia and New Zealand 2009-2010
by the Australian Society of Calligraphers


  1. Beautiful view from balcony and lovely Zentangle Thank You card!

  2. Isn't that card stunning! Love your work. Tasmania- gorgeous place to live. Would you like to swap Zentangle cards with me?
    kevin.mccarthy@adam.com.au is our e-mail

  3. That is a beautiful card! And thanks for the shout out!

  4. @Judy: What a fantastic idea, Judy! Yes, let's swap. [big smiles] I've emailed you my postal addy.

    @Catherine: You're most welcome. I absolutely love your calligraphy (blows mine right out of the water [grin]).

  5. Wow, Kit, what an honour to be part of your round-up! And to be in with such wonderful artists is quite humbling! Thank you so much!

  6. @stART: What you wrote in your post really spoke to my soul. I knew exactly what you were talking about - and I simply had to share it!! And... you are a Wonderful Artist, too. [big smiles]

  7. Thanks for all those great links, Kit! And like stARt, thanks for being in the round-up :D

  8. Are you CZT-ing next week? *crossing fingers*

  9. @stART: Oh, I wish I was going to be there next week... but sadly, no. You must tell me all about it! You can email me direct any time: kit(at)dreamscribedesigns(dot)com(dot)au


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