New Tangles

One of the greatest privileges of sharing the art of Zentangle with others is seeing the way different people apply their own creative intuition and unique artistic skills to tangling.

As confidence grows, each of us develops our own 'style' in Zentangle art.  Eventually we become Zentangle artists in our own right, who produce artwork influenced and enhanced by our individual character traits and personal whimsies.

Several members of our Tuesday Tanglers family, here in Tasmania, have invented their own tangle designs.  I am honoured to share some of these tangles here on the Dreamscribe Designs blog.

Zentangle showing Liz Selkirk's Finny's Florets (February 2011)

You will find many other original, Tasmanian tangle designs at 
Melissa, a.k.a. Lone Creature's blog. 

Melissa's beautiful pencasts demonstrate tangle patterns in real time.  I love watching the tangles as they emerge from her pen, one stroke at a time™ on the screen of my computer!  There is more information about pencasts here.

Zentangle showing Melissa Hughes' Picnic, Ripple, and Tender (December 2010)
together with Carole Ohl's (CZT, USA) Baton

I will be releasing names and instructions for my own tangle designs as soon as my new website goes live.  In the mean time, you can find some images of my tangle inventions (together with my early trials of existing tangles) in the photographs from my tangle-test-pattern journal pages in my Flickr photostream.

Sneak preview of some of my own designs from my tangle-test-patterns journal,
together with some tangleations of existing tangles. © Kit Murdoch, May 2010.


4th April, 2011 — Tangle News Flash!
Go check out Zentangle's new tangle, Mooka (with video instructions!).