24 December 2010


Welcome to my second blog post!

I'm participating in a Zentangle Weekly Challenge. If you'd like to check it out, visit the page here. The theme this week is "Simplicity" — so I decided to simplify my string, and do no shading. The tile gradually created itself (as they tend to) and I ended up making a feature of... well... nothing. Simplicity itself. I photographed the tile on the Zentangle kit box — because the beauty and elegance of it also represents 'simplicity' to me.

If you don't know about Zentangle®, do check it out. And watch this space - because my new tangle website will be up and running soon!
Until next week, have a Merry Everything.


  1. Kit, this tile is stunning! i think we sometimes forget to see the beauty in the simple things. thanks for playing!

  2. Simply beautiful, Kit! (And I am so happy you have set up a website!8-)

  3. This is gorgeous Kit...

  4. Very cool! I'll be checking back as I'm going to see if I can try my hand at this.

  5. This is wondeful - love your idea!

  6. Thank you, all! I'm trying my hand at the two pencil string tile now. It's a lot of fun. I can see more of these in my future. Laura, thanks again for such an inspired idea (the challenges and the themes)!


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