26 December 2010

Holiday ZIA

Happy Holidays!

Here is one of the 2010 Holiday cards I made this year. As usual, I was scrambling to get everything ready for 25 December. On Thursday afternoon, 23 December, I sat at the table with a card, a Pigma Micron and an idea.

I found a piece of paper with random swirled circles printed on it so, using the tangle, Cadent, I created a string. About 15 minutes later, I had filled the whole page with tangles. I finished by placing the completed ZIA into a lovely door-opening, tri-fold card and tied it off with red ribbon. Next year I have resolved (again) to start making cards in September.
ZIA is "Zentangle® Inspired Art" ‒ it refers to any artwork that is inspired by Zentangles, but doesn't follow the Zentangle format (3½ inch square). Here is the card closed, and standing opened on the table:


  1. A bunch of comments:-) I was going to ask you what ZIA is but I kept reading and you answered! And I am happy you added the Follow button! There it was with a little notation "Be the first to follow Kit" and I clicked. I love how your site is coming along. The card is exquisite...that word keeps coming up when I look at your work. You are just awesome!

  2. Dearest Heather, Thanks for all the amazing encouragement you have given me. Your support and enthusiasm means a great deal. And watching your Zentangles and ZIAs appear online is such a buzz. I love every one of them. Your creative use of tangles in new and exciting ways continues to inspire me. And thank you so much for being my Very First Follower! (I figured, at this time of year, there would be only a very few who would notice my new blog. [smile]) I've got a domain name registered, so keep watching and early in the New Year, my brand new Zentangle web page will be going live (exciting!!).

  3. Hi Kit.
    Just to say, I hope there are no hard feelings about the cricket. HeHeh.
    Wishing you luck with your Blog and with your up and coming website.
    Happy 'tangling.

  4. Happy New Year My New Tangle-Buddy

    I love this card. Great luck with your new blog. I'm in the midst of designing mine too. Being in the midst of a blizzard gives me inspiration and no excuses to go outdoors and enjy the birds and bee's.

  5. Happy New Year to you, too Marguerite!! xoxo


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