02 July 2011

Woman Awake

Many of you have wondered where I've been lately.

I've been walking a difficult road, but a rewarding one.

A road of self discovery.
A road of expanding horizons.
And finding yet more to learn and grow and know about my Self.

I wrote a poem this week and, in departure from my usual blog posts, am going to share it here. And yes, Michele, dear heart... I'll provide you with a soundtrack, as promised...

As I share my written 'art' with you, I also share with you a part of my Self. Knowing so many of my readers — so many of you dear, beloved friends, and others as-yet-unknown friends — I choose to trust you with a glimpse of the very heart of Me. 

Woman Awake

She's not here
The woman you 'know'
She's just not here
Look again
See not history
See not expectation
Finally see... Me

See, hear
Understand anew
Meet her again
Who stands before you?
Gently explore... study... ask...
What do you see?

This is Woman Awake
Alive, Vibrant, True
Her time, her day is now
Her will to claim it strong
Spirit free
Soul courage
Heart creative
Life Succulent

Can you walk her road - unpredictable?
Her life - unexpected, unplanned?
Her whim, idea, her impulse?
Follow her on roads unknown?
Exchange safe for uncertainty?
Embracing it?

For no acquiescence,
No compliance,
No compromise,
Travels This road
With This woman
Courage, Zeal & Passion
Accompany her steps

This amazing, creative,
Rich-life Woman.
Unfolding, unfurling,
Growing, learning.
Not complete ...never that.
Never reaching journey's end,
She will reach for love and for laughter
And, finding both within her Self,
She. Will. Live.

Can you do that too?
Are you able?
Is that you?

© Kit Murdoch, 28 June 2011
And here... my favourite recent visual art creation.
(click on image to embiggen)

And, your written comments are soul-food to me... so talk to me...