02 July 2011

Woman Awake

Many of you have wondered where I've been lately.

I've been walking a difficult road, but a rewarding one.

A road of self discovery.
A road of expanding horizons.
And finding yet more to learn and grow and know about my Self.

I wrote a poem this week and, in departure from my usual blog posts, am going to share it here. And yes, Michele, dear heart... I'll provide you with a soundtrack, as promised...

As I share my written 'art' with you, I also share with you a part of my Self. Knowing so many of my readers — so many of you dear, beloved friends, and others as-yet-unknown friends — I choose to trust you with a glimpse of the very heart of Me. 

Woman Awake

She's not here
The woman you 'know'
She's just not here
Look again
See not history
See not expectation
Finally see... Me

See, hear
Understand anew
Meet her again
Who stands before you?
Gently explore... study... ask...
What do you see?

This is Woman Awake
Alive, Vibrant, True
Her time, her day is now
Her will to claim it strong
Spirit free
Soul courage
Heart creative
Life Succulent

Can you walk her road - unpredictable?
Her life - unexpected, unplanned?
Her whim, idea, her impulse?
Follow her on roads unknown?
Exchange safe for uncertainty?
Embracing it?

For no acquiescence,
No compliance,
No compromise,
Travels This road
With This woman
Courage, Zeal & Passion
Accompany her steps

This amazing, creative,
Rich-life Woman.
Unfolding, unfurling,
Growing, learning.
Not complete ...never that.
Never reaching journey's end,
She will reach for love and for laughter
And, finding both within her Self,
She. Will. Live.

Can you do that too?
Are you able?
Is that you?

© Kit Murdoch, 28 June 2011
And here... my favourite recent visual art creation.
(click on image to embiggen)

And, your written comments are soul-food to me... so talk to me...


  1. Oh! My Precious Kit,
    Your poem, your words are those same words written on my soul. I went through this very same process about thirty years ago. I had not lived until then. I had been married for twenty years and had four children, oh, yes my fifth child whom I had married. I had traveled all over the United States, before stopping in one place long enough to buy a house. Then one day my world fell apart. When I lived your words, I became whole for the first time. My Heart goes out to you...

  2. Thank you so much, dearest Ruby. Yes... becoming whole. It's a process of pain and joy both. Letting go of the known and embracing the unknown. Walking on a path of joy and beauty that I simply must follow. There is no choice in that. I must be myself and truly live these words. My Heart gathers your love close and holds it near...

  3. Whatever is happening in your life these days, I wish you strength, friendship, satisfaction, something good to eat, and fun socks! May you be busy and happy.

    PS- Lovely Zentangle, btw.

  4. There's something in the air these days that creates a unsettling feeling... I too have felt it but alas... this to shall pass... I hold to my faith and know that a brighter time is on the way... do not worry My Sista...Know that I love you and miss you. I hold on to the thought of seeing you in October and know it will be the best of times no matter what!

  5. Thank you for opening your heart to us - I know how hard it can be!!I agree that there must be something in the air because there are a lot of people going through tough times right now, but take comfort knowing that you are respected, cared for, and missed by your internet friends. You mean a lot to A LOT of people so take care of yourself first and foremost, but don't get too lost that you can't find your way back to us!

  6. First..you need a hug! Second..I need a wine! Kit, both your tile and poem are so straight down the line and your perspective is clear and precise. Trust your own insticts and all will be well with your world. Yes we will definately do lunch in New York!!!
    Thanks for the music.

  7. Kit -- Your poem has touched me very deeply. At 70 years of age, I too am walking that path. Is it scary? Is it painful? Do you do a lot of soul-searching? Absolutely, but it's also exciting to start the next chapter in your life. You are wonderfully creative and so generous for sharing so much of yourself with us. The Universe will take care of you, and my prayers go out to you. Namaste,

  8. Just goes to show, you never know what someone is going through. Hope you will find the strength to see it through and the light at the end. Perhaps you have read 'eat, pray, love' - I'm in the middle of it. perhaps along the lines of your current experience.
    May you also find joy in your art to distract you and give you a rainbow,
    Catherine in the usa

  9. A touching poem, dear. Especially because, lately, I've experienced a changing time, a mental and physical crisis that tore me in pieces. In Shamanism this would be a rite of passage, a time of growth. Analysts would tell me it's "just" depression. :))
    Anyway, I've used this time to concentrate, meditate and tangle.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Your tangle is wonderful!!! I'll pin it on Pinterest! :)

  10. Incredible....different places. same direction......im just finding me after all these years...this was exactly what i needed this special day thanks.....dajobo


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