21 May 2011

Cooperative drawing and collective nouns

Wow... it's been a while since I dropped by and wrote a line or two.
How's everyone been?

Oh... well, that's a relief.

This may seem a non-sequitor, but I have decided that Zentangles need a collective noun. You know... like a swarm of bees? There is a lovely list of them on Wiki (isn't there always?). And some simply won't do. A 'labour' of moles? Labour?! The antithesis of Zentangles! I did enjoy discovering a 'neverthriving' of jugglers. That's a groovy one... but it doesn't work for Zentangles either. However... along those lines, I think I've come up with the answer:

A Luxury of Zentangles!

Now you'll see the reason for that tangential narrative... I had a week of no computer over Easter. (I killed it. Accidentally.) It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. Been done before? Oh... okay... in my own words then...

Following the surgical extraction of my laptop from my side table, I discovered I had a luxury of drawing time! And I drew a Luxury of Zentangles. (Yep... I like that.)

I have since decided to regulate my computer time, limiting it to a couple of hours a day... no matter how much I 'need' to catch up on. And, if I feel like I 'should' spend more time 'working' on the computer... I make myself a cuppa, stop to appreciate my world (outside the screen), think about what's Really Important, shut the lid on the electronic world... and pick up my pens!

Getting by with a little help from my friends – end result
(Click on any images to embiggen)

I drew Zentangles and ZIA for many of The Diva's Challenges, perhaps I'll post them at some stage.  But I particularly enjoyed this week's challenge: 'A little help from my friends' — where Laura directed us to "enlist the help of someone other than yourself who will draw the string on your tile or Zentangle Inspired piece."

But, before I share, obviously I should give you some music to listen to (it's kind of a Dreamscribe tradition now). So, appropriately enough... here's Carole King with Where You Lead I Will Follow:

I drew two tiles for this challenge. I only like one of them (but I won't tell you which). And, going with the flow (all Zen-like) I'll post both of them.

My first string was drawn by Alison, at Tuesday Tanglers.
Alison at Tuesday Tanglers
Alison's string for me...

Et voila! Here's the finished tile.
It reminded me at one point of The Lost Thing
and I'm not certain which way up is up?
(Click to embiggen)

My second string was drawn by Christine.
We get together weekly, for tangles and wine.
(That sounds incredibly civilised doesn't it?
It's actually riotous fun! [grin]).
Christine's string for me...
...and what I did with it. I'm not absolutely certain why, but I call this one
Celebrate! (Click to embiggen)
I have a couple of 'philosophical musings' posts in the pipeline... but I also have a cold (one of my bestest friends called me "Snot Monster" today!!), so for now... just a Luxury of Zentangles! And then I'll crawl back under my blanket!

First snow of the season last week...


  1. I absolutely love the first one! They are both wonderful, though.

  2. The second one is my favourite, but I like them both.

  3. I really love both of them! The second is my favorite! I love the contrast and patterns used to give a bold statement!

  4. I love it! Nay! aDORe it! A Luxury of Zentangles! And yours are luxurious indeed. Now get over your cold, and go forth to zentangle in luxury!

  5. its such a trip to see you talking about snow and stuff when we're FINALLY getting weather in the 20s(C)....

    also, i love love LOVE the second tile...

  6. Have been missing your wonderful posts and ZT's, so it's good to have you back! A luxury of zentangles-perfect!!!! Love the second tile too!

  7. Always enjoy your posts! You have a great way with words as well as tangles! Very clever - a luxury of Zentangles! It does feel like a luxury when I can tangle something just for the sake of tangling. Best to ya'

  8. Beautiful luxury of Zentangles. I'm glad you'r back. Feel better.

  9. gosh golly, Kit...you really need to keep that computer 'OFF' - your work is so lovely and inspiring...hurry up and get over that damn cold! SM...LOL...

  10. Hooray, sensational tiles.
    One of my favourite things to do (other than tangling)is to luxuriate in a bubble bath, and a Luxury of Zentangles sounds perfect!

  11. Glad to see you back in the challenge - you had some very nice strings to work with and you used them well.

  12. Diggin' the tiles and the suggested terminology! Works for me! *G*

  13. I think both tiles are inspiring!
    Love a "Luxury" of Zentangles. I'm going to meet a teacher here in NY next week and I'll share that with her.



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