20 March 2011

Artists for Japan

If you're on Facebook, this is a quick note just to let you know about the Artists for Japan Facebook group.

Artists for Japan is a "...grassroots group of artists shaken by the disaster in Japan and respectful of the honourable way the Japanese people are conducting their clean up. We are posting art on Facebook for auction. The proceeds will go to the Red Cross efforts and the winning bid will get the art. Please join us and upload a piece you would like to donate." [from the Group description, written by Carrie]

This is an honesty based system. Each artist posts a picture of a piece of art they'd like to donate, and then looks after their own mini auction within the group page.  Artists promote their item by sending messages to their Facebook friends, posting it on their Facebook walls, emailing out the link, blogging, and so on.

Buyers make bids in the comment lines for the picture of the item they wish to bid on. Once the auction is over and payment received, the artist goes to the Red Cross page for their country and sends the funds to the tsunami/earthquake relief fund. I'm donating to the Australian Red Cross.

This is the link to see photographs of all the art that's up for auction. There's some absolutely beautiful artwork there. Go take a look! The page was set up by my friend and tangle buddy, Carrie — who I'll probably get to meet in person, because she's considering coming to Whitinsville this October!

The first closing date for the first Artists for Japan auction (we're hoping to have a second round of auctions, since this will be a long term cause) is 4pm PST on Saturday, March 26th (that's 10am Sydney time on Sunday, March 27th).

If you'd like a once-only print (number one of one!)
of the coffee mug insert I drew (in a brand new coffee mug),
my donated auction piece is here (the only two people to
have this mug will be me and the winning bidder). 

It eventually sold for $85 - thank you, Elle!*
I'm so pleased Carrie had this wonderful idea... and I hope to meet her in October! 


  1. what an awesome idea! i wonder if mine are good enough to sell.

  2. Opal, don't worry about "good enough' just get it up there!!! thanks Kit for the big shout out for ARTISTS FOR JAPAN. This is the most fun I've had outside of tangling obsessively. You brought a smile to my face. here is the link to see all the art http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=o.212555575424335
    If anyone from Japan is reading this, we would love to connect with you!!!
    Kit, I love your blog

  3. @Opal: Definitely!
    @Carrie: Thanks for dropping by. You've done a wonderful thing! =)


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