07 January 2011

Pay it forward, 2011... (short note)

If you head on over to my Facebook page there's a fun give away that a bunch of FB artists are participating in at the moment. 

I've still got some places left for my give aways — both on the Dreamscribe Designs Facebook page and on my personal Facebook page.
If you already 'like' Dreamscribe Designs on FB, the permalink is here.
And, if you're a personal FB friend, the permalink on my personal page is here.
If not either... that can easily be remedied. ☺

If you wish to participate in this fun, non-reciprocal (at least not back to me) art exchange, you will need to send me a postal address.  But, since it's going to be a (surprise, surprise) Zentangle - it is entirely envelope deliverable, so you can send me your work address if you would prefer.

Addresses should be sent to my email address: dreamscribe[dot]zentangle[at]gmail[dot]com

New blog post coming tomorrow with "Eyes Wide Shut" challenge tile.....


  1. The five places are now taken for both F'book pages... but, if you'd like to do a Zentangle swap with me - I'm always up for those! Goodnight and sweet dreams to one and all. xoxo

  2. I really like what you are doing with this site, Kit. I love your shading on nzeppel. I have some tortillons and you have showed me how (here) so I will get busy. :-)


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