27 January 2011

A shady mug shot!

Yes, I'm milking the 'mug' pun for all it's worth! [grin]  

Here are the final photographs of my ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Art) mug for Laura's Weekly Challenge this week, using the new tangle, Ixorus

Another photo collage of the completed mug.
The (now shaded) insert unfurled.
Close up 1 (showing Ixorus) – before shading
Close up 1 (showing Ixorus) – after shading
Thank you everyone, for the lovely comments and compliments about my mug this week... what a supportive, uplifting community to belong to! 

I am sure the friendship, sharing and generosity of spirit in the world of Zentangle® traces directly back to Maria and Rick's wonderful, 'open hearts' philosophies.  (Not being a writer, I can't think of a better way to word the concept... but I'm sure you all know what I mean).

And thank you to Laura Harms, in particular, for knitting us all together with a myriad of interwebbed (pun intended) threads linking us across the globe.  Even beyond the world of tangles, the wellspring of support for Artoo this week has been Really Very Special.  And some of that magical 'knitting together' will be happening for him inside those spiffy casts he's wearing too, I'm sure. There's certainly a lot of good karma coming back your way from all those bonds of tangly friendship you've been instrumental in creating.

For those of you who asked where to buy 'photograph insert' coffee mugs, I have included a number of USA ('State side') links in the comments section below yesterdays posting. For other areas, a Google search on 'photo insert coffee mug' will lead you in the right direction.
Close up 2 – before shading
Close up 2 – after shading
Yes... suddenly Tasmania, Australia ('isolated, not isolating') doesn't seem quite so far away from all the rest of you.  Down under 'Downunder' is only a keyboard and screen away from each of you. I'm feeling positively girl next doorish. [smile]

I know we've all discovered new tangle buddies, friends, blogs, inspiration, and Community beyond expectation.  (If we could map the connections visually... wow, that would be fun.  Anyone else out there with too much time on their hands who'd like to give it a go?!)

Okay... before I get too carried away...

This 'Wanted' poster is just for Fun (and perhaps because I have too much time on my hands?).  If you enjoy the effect, you can easily create your own, by uploading your photographs at Photofunia (free and fun).  (I did further edit mine in Photoshop slightly, to change the text.)

"Anything is possible, one stroke at a time."™ – It's a LIFE sentence!
Just time for one last photo before I log off (blog off?) for the week.

This is my 'Starry Eyed Surprise' tile (unposted previously, from the challenge in Week 4).  I wasn't happy with it for the longest time.  It still doesn't look particularly Zen to me.  Perhaps even the opposite? I don't know.

So, although it was drawn on an original Zentangle® tile, I'm going to think of it as ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Art).  It seems to be the week for ZIA this week. [smiles]
Starry Eyed Surprise, ZIA
(on 3.5" square tile using black & red Pigma Microns)


  1. Kit, love your process and how well you show your before and after comparisons. Your post illustrates beautifully shading can add so much dimension to an already wonderful tangle. Starry eyed surprise is sweet too. I do think it's a zentangle!

  2. I love your work. AND I really like the term ZIA. Can we use it? So much easier to say than Zentangle inspired art........ thanks for all you wonderful words you have included in this blog. We always appreciate the passion and support of our tanglers. Maria

  3. Hi there Maria, Thank you!
    And, of course you may use ZIA. Consider it yours. I pronounce it 'zee-uh' (ziːʌ) and say it as a word (not an acronym). And it is, indeed, easier to say than the full version. I think we Aussies (that descriptor, itself, being a good example) have a tendency to abbreviate everything. I love that we frequently use a 'diminutive' form of words to do so. Here are some fun examples: chocky = chocolate, hanky = handkerchief, pinny = apron (though why, I have no idea!), brekky = breakfast, mozzy = mosquito, etc.). I think it's part and parcel of the characteristic informality of communication Downunder. [smile]

  4. Whispering above and beyond ~ downunder

  5. Love your art, ZIA, poster and comments. I agree!

  6. This is really AWESOME! Love your work! Patty

  7. Love you Zia. You ever heard of Oriental Trading Company? They sell Beads and other crafty items. They carry the drinking mugs with the paper inserts so you can add your own drawings or designs and they don't cost a lot. Since Oriental Trading Company sell items in a Dozen at a time, but these mugs are $12.95 or $ 15.95 for 12 of them and they have tall ones and shorter ones (forgot how many ounces they hold), but that's a darn good buy! I buy from them all the time and I get catalogs forever.

  8. Hi Kit, Absolutely love your mugs! Your work is truly inspiring. I must say I have not been doing as much zentangling as I would like due too my other crafts demands. I am hoping that I may get into it a bit more this year. If I could find the right resources as I prefer to use ink rather than the sakura pens due to costs. Look forward to hearing more from you in the future. julie714@adam.com.au


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